Online In-company Public Speaking Workshop

A presentation during a meeting, a pitch for a new product or an introduction speech. At work there are many occasions in which you have to step up your game and speak online to a group of people. And what we have learned from 2020 is that online meetings are going to stay.

The 4 hour online session that I attended consisted of going over examples and applying techniques to help improve public speaking. With these concrete examples in hand, I know what I need to practice to improve my public speaking. Herman is very engaging being able to work with everyone’s strengths in a way that does not seemed forced.
Steven Elzinga, INTEL corporation, New York
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Do you and your colleagues want to feel more confident while speaking online? Or does your team want to improve their presentation skills? This online in-company workshop helps you to turn the fear of public speaking into something fun!

The online workshop

Getting better at public speaking is only possible when you actually do it. So in this workshop, together we will be practicing, practicing, practicing. We work on content, use of voice (tonality), and of course the way you feel during an online presentation or pitch. You get many moments to try and to get better. We will help each other by providing useful feedback in a safe and positive environment. At the end of the workshop you will experience how fun and inspiring it is to speak in public.

What will be learned during the online public speaking workshop

Doing this workshop, you can improve your appearance and charisma when you speak for an audience. In a playful manner you will discover your best posture and the best way to look into the audience or camera. This helps to give a much more powerful presentation. The workshop is not only about speaking, but also about visualizing. You learn how you can always use your imagination to feel safe in front of an audience. The moment you visualize what you are saying, there is no room for anxiety and uncertainty anymore. It will be amazing how fast you can change, while practicing the techniques in the comfort of your home.

After the public speaking workshop

You will find out what your inner need is to speak up in front of an audience. Therefore after the workshop the inner need will be more important than the fear of public speaking.
At the end of the public speaking workshop everyone gets an email with assignments you can always do by yourself to keep developing the learned skills. This is very important, because the more practice you put into your personal development, the better you will become.

Practical information

Half day training (3 to 4 hours) – 1500 USD
Full day training (7 hours) – 1800 USD

These are prices for a group of maximum 6 people. For a bigger group than 6 people, we will send you a quote.
Note: If you want to pay by credit card we will charge a 3% transaction fee. This is only for in-company training. Not for a private or open apply training.

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