Online Public Speaking Group Class on January 8th 2021

Do you get scared when you even think about giving a presentation?
Or do you feel certain about yourself in front of a group, but so you want to improve your skills?
This online speaking group class is for everyone who wants to get better, no matter how afraid or how confident you are.

The online class

Getting better at public speaking is only possible when you do it. So in this class, together we will be practicing, practicing, practicing. We will work on content, use of voice (tonality), and of course the way you feel during a presentation or pitch. Because we work in a small group, you get many space to try and to get better. We will help each other by providing useful feedback in a safe and positive environment. Because you will learn how to speak with a minimum of preparation, you don’t have to prepare anything for the public speaking class. At the end of the class you will even notice you start to feel like it!

What will I learn during the online public speaking class?

Doing this class, you will improve your appearance and charisma when you speak in front of a group. In a playful manner you will discover what your best posture is to speak in public and what the best way is for you to look into the audience or camera. This helps you to give a much more powerful presentation. And you can do this in the comfort of your home.

The class is not only about speaking, but also about visualizing. The moment you visualize what you are saying, there is no room for anxiety and uncertainty anymore. You will learn how you can always use your imagination to feel safe in front of an audience.  It will amaze you how fast this can change!

After the class

You will find out what your inner need is to speak up in front of an audience, so after the class your inner need will be more important than your fear. At the end of the public speaking class you will be provided with assignments you can always do by yourself to keep developing your skills. This is very important, because the more practice you put in you personal development, the better you will become.

Practical information

Price: 297 USD
Duration: January 8th from 9AM to 1PM – 4 hours
Number of people: max 5
Online class through ZOOM
You can pay by PayPal or by credit card.

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