About Herman Otten

About Herman Otten

Herman Otten is the face behind PublicSpeaking.NYC.
Herman (July 4th, 1982) graduated as an actor in the Netherlands from the Utrecht School of Performing Arts in 2008.
After his graduation he worked as an actor for film, television, theater and radio and he specialized in public speaking coaching. He helped over ten thousand people overcome their public speaking anxiety and motivated them to improve their public speaking skills. Herman works as a public speaking coach for the Dutch Marines Corps, Department of Neurology at the Amsterdam Academic Hospital and gives lectures at the Amsterdam University. He has lived in New York City since 2020 to teach his public speaking classes. He works with people one-on-one, in groups and he offers public speaking workshops for New York companies.
Herman’s life goal is to help people as quickly and effectively as possible to overcome their public speaking anxiety. He has been doing this for many years with great success.

“Amazing class with custom-tailored honest feedback in a safe environment. You see your classmates transform into more effective speakers right before your eyes and the strategies are easy-to-understand and connect with. Thank you for a wonderful personal development experience, Herman!”
Erik Sippola
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“Found the exercises valuable and Herman is a very engaging instructor. I felt more confident and in control after just a few hours in his workshop. The techniques Herman teaches are simple (but not easy!) and very effective. I would recommend this class for anyone looking to develop their speaking skills.”
Aduke Thelwell
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