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Public Speaking Classes NYC
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 268 reviews
by Christopher Stockel on Public Speaking Classes NYC
Company Name: Open Apply Public Speaking Class NYC

Herman's public speaking class was tremendously beneficial to me. We learned how to stay composed/overcome fear, techniques for commanding the room, and various vocal strategies to become more effective public speakers. Herman is a wealth of knowledge in the field, and is able to create a supportive, friendly environment.

by olga moldavsky on Public Speaking Classes NYC
Company Name: Open apply class

I cannot say enough about Herman Otten! This multitalented person made such huge difference in me after just one day of his public speaking class! Herman is eclectic, passionate, fun, warm, caring and most important he makes you feel comfortable from the minute you meet him! He made me feel in class with people who I barely new for minutes feel like they were my close friends. Even the lunch that was included in the price of the training session was amazing! We had a great time communicating during the class in the neighboring restaurant with great food. I definitely will highly recommend Herman Otten as the first resource to people who struggle with public speaking anxiety or to people who need to improve!

by Jonathan D Huang on Public Speaking Classes NYC
Company Name: Open apply class

Herman was absolutely wonderful at reducing the seemingly monstrous difficulty of public speaking down to specific and learnable concepts and techniques! His passionate, warm, and humorous lessons resulted in everyone there having a great time while learning valuable life skills. I absolutely recommend him to anyone who is looking to improve their public speaking skills.

by Winny Mui on Public Speaking Classes NYC
Company Name: Open apply class

This is one of the best class I have ever taken and I will definitely come back again. I always wanted to learn something about public speaking because I see my weakness when I was doing speech/presentation. In the class, Herman was able to point out my weakness and it has improved throughout the day. I enjoy it and I would recommend it to anyone. It's not only helping you about public speaking. I think it also helps me to improve social skills as well. Thanks Herman. Hope to see you soon.

by B Jordan on Public Speaking Classes NYC
Company Name: Private coaching

Herman is an excellent coach. He is a professional who uses psychology & practice to make you an effective public speaker. He walks you through the process, puts you through exercises, and provides real time feedback. He has a knack for making this very real fear seem so small. He is engaging, encouraging, and passionate. It’s very clear that he loves helping people become their best selves. Take the class!

by Brody Schiller on Public Speaking Classes NYC
Company Name: Open apply class

Herman's group class was great - it was the perfect size to ensure that the session is both interactive as well as focused on each individuals strengths / weaknesses; plus you get a chance to practice what you are learning in front of an audience. The class helped me to be less in my own head / thinking about how I'm being perceived by the audience and more about the content I am delivering and how to do so in an engaging manner. I would recommend this class to anyone who wants to improve in public speaking across all skill levels.

by Anthony DiCapua on Public Speaking Classes NYC
Company Name: Open apply class

Herman is an incredible public speaking coach. I’m amazed at how much I learned just from one group course. I immediately felt safe and comfortable speaking in front of him and the class! Public speaking has been something that I’ve avoided and has caused me lots of anxiety throughout my life. Herman has not only taught me great tips and tricks, but he taught me that speaking can be enjoyable and fun.

by Yannie Yip on Public Speaking Classes NYC
Company Name: Open apply class

I thoroughly enjoyed Herman's class! I walked away with lots of new techniques I look forward to applying to my work and personal life. I've taken various other forms of public speaking training, and this workshop was the most creative, practical, and engaging. I loved the small group format too - it made for a fun and safe setting in which to learn and practice. Herman himself is a great orator as well as a wonderful instructor. He is encouraging, positive, and passionate about the subject matter. I was inspired just observing how he communicated with the classroom. Highly recommend investing in this learning experience!

by Siddhartha Bhattacharjee on Public Speaking Classes NYC
Company Name: Open apply class

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by Marcel van Leeuwen on Public Speaking Classes NYC
Company Name: NN-Group RE

A good experience to have the public speaking workshop by Herman, it was quality and fun. Also for experienced speakers there some interesting takeaways and small exercises where you can practice the tips. We had workshop online, which felt as effective as real life training.

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