Full Day Public Speaking Class NYC

“I thoroughly enjoyed Herman’s public speaking class! I walked away with lots of new techniques I look forward to applying to my work and personal life. I’ve taken various other forms of public speaking training, and this workshop was the most creative, practical, and engaging. I loved the small group format too – it made for a fun and safe setting in which to learn and practice. Herman himself is a great orator as well as a wonderful instructor. He is encouraging, positive, and passionate about the subject matter. I was inspired just observing how he communicated with the classroom. Highly recommend investing in this learning experience!”
Yannie Yip
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One of the public speaking classes in NYC
One of the public speaking classes in NYC. See all photos!

Learn the secrets of public speaking from
the best reviewed speaking coach in NYC.

✔️ Practice in a safe environment
✔️ Small group (max 5 people)
✔️ Lunch included
✔️ Post-mail with tips and tricks
✔️ Over 270 positive reviews..

We take precautions regarding COVID-19.
You need to have proof of vaccination to join. 

We also offer private coaching and in-company training.
And a follow-up to this class: the level 2 experience!

About the public speaking classes

During Herman’s full day public speaking class you will learn how to speak freely in front of an audience without fear. The class is very active, so you get to practice public speaking many times in front of the other participants.
In the public speaking class you will learn how to give a powerful presentation by improving your appearance and charisma when you speak. We will work on content, use of voice (tonality), and of course the way you feel during a presentation or pitch. In a playful manner you will discover your best posture and in what way to look into the audience. Because you learn how to speak with a minimum of preparation you don’t have to prepare anything for the public speaking class.

One of the public speaking classes in NYC

Using the visual system

The moment you visualize what you are saying there is no room for anxiety and uncertainty anymore. You will learn how you can always use your imagination to feel safe in front of an audience. You also find out what your inner need is to speak up in front of an audience, so after the day your inner need will be more important than your fear. This way it becomes much easier to give an inspiring speech, pitch or presentation. It will amaze you how fast this can change!

About the group

We work in a small group with a maximum of 5 persons. This ensures that you get enough personal attention. We will help each other by providing useful feedback in a safe and positive environment.

The participants

The public speaking class is for people who want to improve their public speaking skills. So you can feel more powerful in social situations and when you speak in public. Everyone is welcome!

After the class

At the end of the public speaking class you will get exercises you can always do by yourself to keep developing your skills. This is very important, because the more practice you will put into you personal development, the better you will become. After the class you will also receive an e-mail with tips and tricks that you can use in your daily life.

“For the first time I believe there is hope at the horizon. With a racing heart and shaking knees I used to speak in front of a group. Now this is not a part of the experience anymore. Today I had one of Herman’s public speaking classes. He is easy going and helps you in a very personal way. He is convinced that everyone can learn the skill of public speaking. This is not the first time I took a course in this area, but this is the first time I actually felt like I made a significant improvement. I am very grateful Herman!”
Rianne Blijleven, Youth With A Mission
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About the speaking coach

Herman Otten graduated as an actor at the Utrecht University of the Arts in the Netherland. He worked as a director and actor and is mostly known for his public speaking classes.
He has over ten years of experience as a coach and teacher and helped thousands of people to overcome of their public speaking anxiety.
Since 2018 he teaches his public speaking classes in New York City! Read more about Herman here.

Practical information

Time: full day from 11am to 6pm.
We have two 10 minutes coffee breaks and a 1 hour lunch break.
Location: In the heart of Manhattan at Ripley-Grier Studios, 520 8th Avenue
Lunch: We have a great lunch together at a nearby restaurant. Vegetarian options are available.
Price: 397 USD per person (a great lunch, water, cookies are included). Payment is possible through PayPal and credit card.
Note! We don’t do refunds or rescheduling. If you can’t make it, you may give or sell your spot to someone else.

Please let us know if you have any questions.
Or check out the frequently asked questions to find out if your answer is in there.