Frequently Asked Questions 


Are you looking for answers? Then this is the right place to be! Below you can find the frequently asked questions (and answers!) for the Public Speaking Classes and Private Coaching.

Do you still have a question after reading this? Please contact us, we will be happy to help.


Public Speaking Class (real life and online)

  • How many people will be joining the public speaking class?

    It depends on how many people sign up for the class.
    For the Real Life Group Class we have a minimum of 2 people and a maximum of 6 people.
    For the Online Group Class we have a minimum of 2 people and a maximum of 4 people.

  • Will the one who gives the class always be Herman?

    Yes, you can count on that!

  • Where do we go for lunch?

    If you do the Real Life Group Class lunch is included.
    The lunch is just a 10 second walk from the place where the training takes place. It is a great Asian restaurant where they also provide vegetarian dishes. We can even ask them to make it vegan.

  • Do I have to prepare something for the class?

    No. It’s all improvisational based. The thing you can prepare is to have a good night of sleep before the class because we are going to do a lot.

  • What is the minimum age to participate?

    Normally the people joining the public speaking class are older than 21 years old. The average age is between 25 and 55 years old.
    But sometimes there can be a younger person in the group as well.
    The minimum age we accept for the class is 16 years old. There is no maximum age.

  • What happens if the class doesn't have the minimum of 2 people?

    This has never been the case, but of course this can happen. Normally people sign up for the class pretty close to the day itself, so we know how much people will come up to 2 days prior to the training. If it turns out 2 days prior to the training that you are the only person who signed up, we will contact you.

    You can decide if you would like to wait 2 more days to see if more people will sign up last minute, or if you want to change it into a 2 hour private coaching. If you choose the latter, together we settle a date for the private coaching.

  • I bought a ticket but I cannot make it to the class. Can I get a refund?

    We are not be able to give refunds.
    The classes have a maximum and minimum of people to maintain the personal approach. When you buy a ticket we hold a spot for you. When a class is fully booked, no other people can apply anymore and we will be counting on the number of people who bought a ticket to attend the class. We also have to deal with the cost for the transaction of the payment and possibly the location.
    You can always sell your ticket to someone else who is able to attend. See it as a concert ticket. You can also not get a refund after you purchased a ticket for a concert.
    We hope you understand.

  • I bought a ticket but I cannot make it to the class. Can I reschedule?

    Normally we don’t reschedule.
    To maintain the personal approach the classes have a minimum of 2 people. If for example 4 people signed up for a class and all of a sudden 3 people want to reschedule, we cannot let the class take place and we have to disappoint that 1 person that was looking forward to it.
    The public speaking classes are amazing to do, but to organize it, is a lot of work. But of course we want to be reasonable. If you let us know 3 weeks in advance, we won’t be too strict.
    We hope you understand.

  • Is there a second level class?

    Yes. If you did the regular public speaking class you can join the level 2 class: publicspeaking.nyc/public-speaking-class-level-2


    Private Coaching (real life and online)

  • A 2 hour session is 497 USD. What if I just want a 1 hour session?

    Because Herman’s schedule is usually fully booked we charge 497 USD per session. Whether it is a 30 minute session or a 2 hour session. The session needs to be planned in his schedule so there won’t be a difference in the pricing.

  • If I book multiple sessions, can I get a discount?

    It can be the case that you want to book sessions on a regular base. If you book multiple sessions we can give you a discount. If you book 10 sessions, you will get the 11th session for free.

  • Does online coaching really work?

    Yes, Herman works with a lot of his clients through ZOOM, Skype, GoToMeeting and other platforms. It is fast, convenient and it saves travel time for our clients. If you and Herman both have time to schedule a real life coaching, we prefer a real life coaching at the Magnet Theater and Training center.

  • I want to cancel my private coaching. Can I get my money back?

    Like the group classes we are not be able to give refunds. Herman hold a space for you in his agenda which could have been used by another client. And also we pay for the transaction of the payment.
    We hope you understand.

  • Can I reschedule my private session?

    If you booked a private session, paid for it and you ask the same day to reschedule, of course we will try our best to do this for you. But if you email an hour before the session you cannot make it, we can’t reschedule you. You then have to make another appointment and pay for the session again. So basically, like the group sessions, our policy is based on reasonability.

  • What should I prepare?

    If you want to work on the basics of public speaking you don’t have to prepare anything. Herman will work with you on an improvisational base. If you want to work on a certain speech or lecture, please have the content with you.