Frequently Asked Questions

Open Apply Full Day Group Class


Yes, we make sure of that.

The lunch is at a great nearby Asian restaurant where there is something for everyone. They also serve vegetarian dishes.

No, it’s all improvisational based. The thing you can do is to have a good night of rest upfront, because we are going to do a lot during the day.

We don’t provide these and this is for a reason. The group classes are very personal, so the feedback you get and the things we work on are just for you.
You can always come back to take the class again and we will work on your personal goals on a next level. And of course you can do private coaching so you can work with Herman more intensively. For example, he can help you prepare for a specific presentation or speech.

The minimum age we accept for the class is 16 years old. There is no maximum age.
Usually the people joining the class are older than 21 years old. The average age is between 25 and 60 years old.

Even though this is very rare, it could happen. People tend to sign up pretty close to the class date.
If 3 days prior to the class turns out that you are the only subscriber, we will contact you. We will then offer you the opportunity to change it into a 2 hour private coaching or reschedule you to a group class on another date without any extra charge.

We are not able to give refunds.
From the moment you buy a ticket we hold a spot for you. This means that we say 'no' to other people because the class is fully booked. As we work with small groups (max 5 participants), everyone is counting on each other to show up for the full experience. We also pay credit card transaction fees and the costs of the room.
If you really can’t make it, you can always sell your ticket to someone else who is able to attend that day.

Normally we don’t reschedule.
As we work with small groups (max 5 participants), everyone is counting on each other to show up for the full experience. If multiple participants want to reschedule, we may have to cancel the class and disappoint the other subscribers. That’s why we are reluctant to do this.
But of course we want to be reasonable. If you ask for a reschedule 3 weeks in advance, we won’t be too strict. But if it’s less than 3 weeks in advance we won’t be able to do this.
Open apply classes are amazing to do, but a lot to organize. We hope you understand.


Private Coaching (in person & real life)


Yes, Herman works with a lot of his clients through Skype, ZOOM and other platforms. It is fast, convenient and it saves travel time. If you want to schedule an in person coaching, we will do this at the Ripley-Grier Studios in Manhattan.

Yes, he can do that. But we will charge extra, based on the location, travel costs and travel time.

We are not able to give refunds. Herman holds a spot for you in his calendar. We also pay for the transaction fees. We can reschedule the session if you let us know at least 48 hours in advance.

Any reschedule requests up to 48 hours before the session are free of charge. For any reschedule requests later than 48 hours before the session we charge an extra 50% (248,50 USD) to reschedule.
For no-shows we charge 100% (497 USD) to schedule a new session.

If you want to work on the basics of public speaking you do not have to prepare anything. Herman will work with you on an improvisational basis. If you want to work on a certain speech or lecture, please make sure you have the content with you.