Executive coaching

“Herman is a fantastic instructor. He has a novel way of approaching public speaking and his real-time feedback resulted in immediate results for me. Thank you Herman!”
M. Tae, Corporate Vice President at Broadridge
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Welcome to Herman Otten’s exclusive private executive coaching program tailored specifically for executives who aspire to improve their communication skills and leadership presence. Led by renowned public speaking expert, Herman, his executive coaching sessions are carefully crafted to empower leaders like you to command attention, inspire action, and leave a lasting impact on your audience.

Why choose executive coaching?executive coaching

Effective communication isn’t just an asset—it’s a requirement for success. As an executive, your ability to articulate ideas with confidence, clarity, and persuasion directly influences your organization’s trajectory. Herman’s program offers bespoke guidance and support to help you:

  • Improve your leadership presence: Develop an authoritative presence that fosters trust and exudes confidence among your team, clients, investors and stakeholders.
  • Master persuasive communication: Acquire advanced techniques to craft compelling messages that resonate deeply with your audience and drive desired outcomes.
  • Refine your delivery skills: Perfect your delivery style, body language, and vocal presence to captivate attention and project authority in any speaking scenario.
  • Overcome speaking challenges: Conquer specific hurdles such as nervousness, stage fright, or delivering impromptu speeches with grace and composure.
  • Achieve lasting impact: Develop a confident speaking style that makes a strong impact, building connections and driving positive change in your organization.

Herman’s executive coaching approach

Through one-on-one coaching sessions, Herman guides you through tailored exercises and techniques designed to address your unique challenges and aspirations, providing actionable feedback and support every step of the way. When Herman observes you speaking, he can quickly identify areas where you can improve and will provide you with exercises accordingly. His approach is marked by empathy, encouragement, and a profound commitment to enable your growth as an influential communicator and leader.

About Herman

Herman Otten graduated as an actor from the Utrecht University of the Arts in the Netherlands. He worked as a director and actor and is mostly known for his public speaking classes. With over fourteen years of coaching and teaching experience, Herman has the privilege of working with numerous leaders from various organizations, leveraging his expertise to enhance their communication skills and leadership presence. Since 2020, Herman has been teaching his public speaking classes in New York City, where he has earned the reputation as the top-rated public speaking coach in the city. Read more about Herman.

Practical information

2-hour executive coaching session: $1,197

After the first session, you will have the option to purchase a package:
Five 1/hr sessions: $5,000

The sessions can be held in person or virtually.
In person: In the heart of Manhattan at Ripley-Grier Studios, 520 8th Avenue or at your preferred location in NYC.
Virtual: on Zoom. You will receive an invitation with a link.

Please note that we have a no-refund policy. Reschedule requests made up to 48 hours before the session are free of charge. Reschedule requests made within 48 hours before the session will incur an additional fee of 50% of the session price. In the event of a no-show, the entire session will be forfeited.


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We will get in touch with you within 24 hours to schedule the session.

If you wish to speak with Herman prior to the session, we offer a free consultation call to ensure your comfort with moving forward.
For this request, and with any other questions, please feel free to reach out to us through email or phone.