Private Online Public Speaking Coaching

“I booked a virtual private one-on-one session and I can say it is well worth the money. I’ve attended many corporate presentation and public speaking courses and this was by far the most effective. Herman made me feel very comfortable and gave very practical tips on how I could manage my nerves by visualizing my speech, changing my intonation and using pauses in between sentences etc. I feel inspired and confident after my session with him and am looking forward to applying his suggested techniques.”
Joanne M.
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Private online public speaking coaching
A private online public speaking coaching. All photos.

Learn the secrets of public speaking from
the top-rated speaking coach in NYC!

✔️ Customized
✔️ Practice in a safe setting
✔️ From anywhere in the world
✔️ Save travel time
✔️ At a time that suits you (also evening/ weekends)
✔️ After-session-email with personal notes
✔️ Over 400 positive reviews..


We also offer private in-person coaching and a full day group class.

Whether you’re addressing a live audience or participating in an online conference call, Herman Otten’s private online speaking coaching is designed to boost your confidence in all types of speaking engagements. Herman will work with you to tackle your specific goals and needs, ensuring you feel confident and empowered for your next presentation.

During the session, Herman will identify areas for improvement and provide expert guidance. He delves into the psychological challenges associated with public speaking and stage fright, offering exercises to improve your skills. You can also use this session to prepare for your upcoming presentation or speech. Herman will assist you in crafting and refining your content, leaving you feeling self-assured.

If you struggle with public speaking anxiety, private online coaching can be a valuable choice to enhance your confidence. You’ll gain valuable techniques for improvement in just two hours. After a private session, you have the option to join the full-day public speaking group class, where you can practice alongside other participants. Herman has years of experience working with clients via Skype and Zoom.

Online public speaking coaching
A private online public speaking coaching. All photos.

Practical information:

Time: 2 hour private session
Price: $797 USD
Package deal: $3,200 for 8 sessions of 1 hour each.

Please note that we have a no-refund policy. Reschedule requests made up to 48 hours before the session are free of charge. Reschedule requests made within 48 hours before the session will incur an additional fee of 50% of the session price. In the event of a no-show, the entire session will be forfeited.


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If you wish to speak with Herman prior to the session, we offer a free consultation call to ensure your comfort with moving forward.
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About the public speaking coach

Herman Otten graduated as an actor from the Utrecht University of the Arts in the Netherland. He worked as a director and actor and is mostly known for his public speaking classes. With over fourteen years of coaching and teaching experience, he has aided thousands op people in conquering their fear of public speaking.
Since 2020, Herman has been teaching his public speaking classes in New York City, where he has earned the reputation as the top-rated public speaking coach in the city. More about Herman.

“What a great experience working with Herman – the most helpful public speaking training I’ve had. He has different techniques that are unique to him. I picked up helpful pieces of info right out of the shoot. I’ve worked with him now in a group setting as well as one on one. I would recommend both. I have also recommended him to others at my company.”
Jennifer Enghauser, Zillow Group New York
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“I wanted an extra confidence in my upcoming speaking engagement and booked Herman quickly for a one on one. I then had doubts about if it would help. But 10 minutes in to the session with Herman I had my answer – it had been a great decision to work with him. Within a few minutes he had established with me some clear things to work on that made an immediate difference. Immediate! And then we spent the rest of the two hours working through my story. His advice is practical and applicable. He is very easy to work with and feel comfortable with improving your own skills. I will go next to a group class as I think that this is a skill that can and should be worked on.”
Gina Florescu, Make-A-Wish Foundation New York
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