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“Herman’s advice is incredible. It has helped me at work – teaching groups of adults – and also in my personal life, performing as a musician and dancer. He is kind and really takes the time to assess what’s going on and how he can help guide you to feel more comfortable being YOU as you communicate.”
Marissa Giglio, StoryIQ
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Learn the secrets of public speaking from the top-rated speaking coach in NYC!

✔️ Customized
✔️ Practice in a safe setting
✔️ At a time that suits you (also evening/ weekends)
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We also offer private virtual coaching and a full day group class.

Herman Otten’s private coaching is as unique as you are, offering personalized guidance that tailors to your specific goals and needs. When Herman observes you speaking, he can quickly identify areas where you can improve and will guide you through the refinement process. He delves into the psychological challenges associated with public speaking and stage fright and will provide exercises to improve your skills and boost your confidence.

If public speaking fills you with anxiety, private coaching is a supportive and secure space where you can build your confidence. You can also use the session to get ready for your presentation or speech. Herman will help you craft and refine your material, leaving you feeling both energized and self-assured.

Following private coaching, you’ll have the option to join the full-day public speaking class, providing you with the opportunity to practice your newfound skills alongside fellow participants.

Private coaching midtown
Private coaching session. All photos.

Practical information

Time: 2-hour private session with Herman
Price: $797
Package deal: Five 1/hr in-person sessions for $2,500 (available after completing two 2-hour sessions and/ or the level 1 & 2 class)
Location: In the heart of Manhattan at Ripley-Grier Studios, 520 8th Avenue
Herman can also come to your preferred location in NYC.

Please note that we have a no-refund policy. Reschedule requests made up to 48 hours before the session are free of charge. Reschedule requests made within 48 hours before the session will incur an additional fee of 50% of the session price. In the event of a no-show, the entire session will be forfeited.

Private coaching onsite
Private coaching session. All photos.


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If you wish to speak with Herman prior to the session, we offer a free consultation call to ensure your comfort with moving forward.
For this request and with any other questions, please feel free to reach out to us through email, chat or phone.
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About the speaking coach

Herman Otten graduated as an actor from the Utrecht University of the Arts in the Netherlands. He worked as a director and actor and is mostly known for his public speaking classes. With over fourteen years of coaching and teaching experience, he has helped thousands op people in conquering their fear of public speaking.
Since 2020, Herman has been teaching his public speaking classes in New York City, where he has earned the reputation as the top-rated public speaking coach in the city. Read more about Herman.

private public speaking coaching
More photos of the private public speaking coaching.

“Herman, thank you so much for your time. What you taught me has completely changed my perspective on public speaking and you have given me the tools to succeed. Thank you again and I look forward to working with you again in the future!”
Andrew Hutton
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