How to write a best man speech

Why Choose Herman for Your Best Man Speech?

Herman Otten specializes in public speaking coaching and training, offering personalized guidance to help you craft and deliver the perfect best man speech. Herman’s proven techniques and supportive approach ensure that you will speak with confidence and charisma. Are you not sure how to write a best man speech? If you’re looking for someone to help you with delivery and writing, Herman is the go-to expert for your public speaking needs.

How to Write a Best Man Speech: 6 Steps

1. Start with a Strong Opening

Your opening sets the tone for the entire speech. Begin with a humorous or heartfelt anecdote to grab the audience’s attention. This could be a funny story about how you met the groom or a touching moment that highlights your friendship.

2. Introduce Yourself

Briefly introduce yourself and explain your relationship to the groom. This helps establish your credibility and connection to the couple, making your speech more personal and engaging.

3. Compliment the Couple

Acknowledge the bride and groom, highlighting their strengths and what makes their relationship special. This part of the speech should be sincere and heartfelt, demonstrating your genuine happiness for them.

4. Share Memorable Stories

Share a few carefully selected stories about the groom that showcase his character and your friendship. These stories should be appropriate, entertaining, and relevant to the occasion. Avoid inside jokes that the audience might not understand.

5. Offer Advice and Well Wishes

End your speech with some thoughtful advice or a meaningful quote about love and marriage. Follow this with your best wishes for the couple’s future, expressing your hope for their happiness and success together.

6. Practice Your Delivery

The way you deliver your speech is just as important as the content. Herman’s coaching can help you master your delivery, ensuring you speak clearly, confidently, and with the right emotional impact.

How to Write a Best Man SpeechHow Herman Can Help

Herman’s public speaking coaching offers a tailored session to help you perfect your best man speech. His services include:

  • Speech Writing Assistance: Get help crafting a compelling and well-structured speech.
  • Delivery Coaching: Learn techniques to improve your public speaking skills, including tone, pacing, and body language.
  • Confidence Building: Overcome nerves and build the confidence needed to deliver your speech with ease.

Practical information

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Herman can also come to your preferred location in NYC.

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About the speaking coach

Herman Otten graduated as an actor from the Utrecht University of the Arts in the Netherlands. He worked as a director and actor and is mostly known for his public speaking classes. With over fourteen years of coaching and teaching experience, he has helped thousands op people in conquering their fear of public speaking.
Since 2020, Herman has been teaching his public speaking classes in New York City, where he has earned the reputation as the top-rated public speaking coach in the city. Read more about Herman.