Online Public Speaking Class June 5th!

“One of the best public speaking coaching I had in my life. I took an online coaching on Zoom and it was amazing. Herman made me aware of all my working points in such a gentle way. Yesterday I gave an online presentation to my colleagues and it went better than ever before. Thank you so much and I hope to join one of your group classes in New York soon!”
– Maryam Ehsanjou
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What do we do during the online public speaking class?

online public speaking class

During Herman’s online public speaking class you will learn how to speak freely in front of an audience without fear. You will practise online for other people how to present yourself. You will improve your appearance and charisma. The class is very active, so you get multiple chances to practise. We will work on content, use of voice (tonality), and of course the way you feel during a presentation or pitch. In a playful manner you will discover what your best posture is to speak in public and what the best tone of voice is. Because you will learn how to speak with a minimum of preparation you don’t have to prepare anything for the online public speaking class.
We will help each other by providing useful feedback in a safe and positive environment.

During the public speaking class your visual system will be stimulated

online public speaking class

The moment you visualise what you are saying there is no room for anxiety and uncertainty anymore. You will learn how you can always use your imagination to feel safe in front of an audience. This way it becomes much easier to give an inspiring speech, pitch or presentation. It will amaze you how fast this can change! You will find out what your inner need is to speak up in front of an audience, so after the class your inner need will be more important than your fear.

“What a great experience working with Herman – the most helpful public speaking training I’ve had. He has different techniques that are unique to him. I picked up helpful pieces of info right out of the shoot. I’ve worked with him now in a group setting as well as one on one. I would recommend both. I have also recommended him to others at my company.”
– Jennifer Enghauser – Zillow Group, New York
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For who is the online public speaking class?

The public speaking class is for people who want to improve their public speaking skills so they can feel more powerful when they speak in public and in social environments. There is no age restriction. Everyone is welcome!

Who gives the online public speaking intensive?

The public speaking training will be taught by Herman Otten. He graduated as an actor at the Utrecht University of the Arts in the Netherland. He worked as a director and actor and is mostly known for his public speaking courses. Herman has over ten years of experience as a trainer, coach and teacher and helped thousands of people to overcome of their public speaking anxiety. Since 2018 he teaches his public speaking classes in New York City! Read here more about Herman.

How long does the online public speaking class take?

The online public speaking class is from 10 AM to 2 PM New York Time Zone. There will be a half hour lunch break from noon to 12.30 PM.

How big is the group?

We will work in a very small and safe group with a maximum of 4 persons. This ensures that everyone gets enough personal attention.

Where does the training take place?

The training takes place on Zoom. You will get an email with the link before the training.

Your investment in the Online Public Speaking Class is 297 USD.
NOTE! We don’t do refunds or rescheduling!
But if you can’t make it of course you can give or sell your spot to someone else.
You can pay through PayPal or by creditcard.

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