Public speaking course New York

“First of all, I was really afraid of public speaking and I was wondering what’s going to happen in this  New York public speaking course. It turned out to be a joyful, fun, awakening experience and now I got so excited about my potential as a public speaker!!! What at change, just after one session… You don’t know how many times I told people I was afraid of public speaking to the level it’s mortifying, and now I’m excited for free speeches and have a fun with it.”
Satomi Grün
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Learn the secrets of public speaking from the top rated coach in NYC.

✔️ Practice in a safe environment
✔️ Small group (max 6 people)
✔️ Lunch included
✔️ Certificate of participation
✔️ After-class-email with tips and tricks
✔️ Over 350 positive reviews..


We also offer private coaching and corporate training.
And a follow-up to this class: the level 2 experience!

public speaking course new york
One of the public speaking classes in NYC. All photos.

New York public speaking course

By taking the New York public speaking course, you will learn how to be a better public speaker. Practical tips and practical skills are the thing you need in order to get better and that is why the public speaking course New York has a focus on the practical side of public speaking. You don’t need to know theories about how to communicate, you need to learn how to do it.

Active public speaking course

The public speaking course New York is where you learn public speaking by just doing it. We keep the group small, so you get a lot of individual attention and opportunities to practice your public speaking skills. Like looking around by twisting your neck instead of just your eyes, so the audience feels more engaged. Or by rolling your eyes up in order to make you ‘see’ your own story, which makes it easier to remember and tell the audience.

The public speaking course New York is a safe space to practice. All the people that join the public speaking course are there for one common goal: learning how to be a better public speaker. This helps to create that safe space. In addition to these practical skills, in the New York public speaking course you will learn how to structure your presentation/speech.

“I took Herman’s class recently, and not only did I learn A LOT, but we had so much fun in the process! I feel more confident speaking in public settings and have a better understanding of what I should or should not do when I’m speaking or giving a presentation.”
Josh Dmuchowski
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public speaking course new york
One of the public speaking classes in NYC. All photos.

Become the best public speaker you can be

The full day public speaking course is and intense experience, one of the best ways to improve. You will practice your speaking skills intensively so you can become the best public speaker you can be. This day there will be a marked change in your public speaking skills.

We work on tone of voice, posture, hand movement, handling critical questions, the way you see yourself and the world around you. At the end of the day you will feel more confident giving future presentations.

About Herman Otten

The public speaking class is taught by Herman Otten. He graduated as an actor from the Utrecht School of the Arts. He then went on to direct and act on Dutch television. Now Herman is widely known for helping people overcome their fear of public speaking. Herman’s life goal is to help people as quickly and effectively as possible. He has been doing this for many years with great success. More about Herman.

Personal attention

We work in a small group. This ensures that everyone gets enough personal attention in the public speaking course.

Practical information

Time: full day from 11am to 6pm.
We have two 10 minutes coffee breaks and a 1 hour lunch break.
Location: In the heart of Manhattan at Ripley-Grier Studios, 520 8th Avenue
Lunch: We have a great lunch together at a nearby restaurant. Vegetarian and vegan options are available.
Price: 497 USD per person (a great lunch, water, cookies are included). Payment is possible via PayPal and credit card.
NOTE: WE DON’T DO REFUNDS OR RESCHEDULING! If you can’t make it, you may give or sell your spot to someone else.

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