Public speaking training

Herman makes truthful contact with full attention. I saw and experienced that in his open view, facial expressions, enthousiasme and honest behaviour. Real and authentic are the words that come to my mind. He teaches language and movement exercises in a playful way with a lot of humor. He works with the participants on a conscious and subconscious level.
Yvonne Dingjan
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public speaking workshop nyc
public speaking training nyc

Public speaking is a skill, skills are things you can learn. If there is something you can learn, there is a place where you can learns this skill. In this case the public speaking training given by Herman Otten is a great place to start or perfection your skill of public speaking.

What is public speaking?

Public speaking is performing a speech in front of a live audience. Nowadays it is a formal way of communication. Back in ancient Greece it was an important skill to have, because back then people didn’t have lawyers that would speak for them. Any citizen who wished to succeed in court, in politics or in social life had to learn techniques of public speaking. Even back then there were people that were teaching others the skill of public speaking the well-known Aristotle was a person that gave public speaking training. This skill of public speaking was thought to students and teachers, and is still an essential part of teaching.

Modern technology has had a big impact on public speaking. Now days you have different platforms/ways to reach your audience. You have social media and YouTube, you also have the television broadcasts that can be used to reach an audience. Modern software also have their role in public speaking, you can use Powerpoints to help you give visual aid to your audience. All these innovations have made it possible to reach bigger audiences then ever before.

Where is public speaking used for?

Public speaking plays a large role in professional work. Most jobs require the skill of public speaking, you maybe don’t speak always to a big crowd of people but you most likely speak to a more than one person during the day. We use the skill of public speaking for most things, negations, asking for help, resolving conflicts, to clarify or share information. Great public speakers are more liked, get payed more and are even more likely to get a promotion.

With a group of lawyers we followed Herman’s public speaking training. It was interesting to observe how some felt uncomfortable at start. As the training progressed everyone got noticeably more comfortable. We laughed a lot at different ways Herman showed us how you can pronounce a word or read out loud. It was fascinating to see how changing your tone completely changes the impression someone leaves behind. Very instructive and practical for us lawyers.
Elsje de Bie
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public speaking workshop nyc
public speaking workshop nyc

How to get better at public speaking?

Because public speaking is a skill that plays a big part in our individual lives, it is important that you learn this skill. What better place than a public speaking training. In these trainings you learn how to get better in public speaking by learning methods and ways to perform for an audience. Herman Otten is a trainer that gives these public speaking training, by joining his training you learn how to be a better public speaker by learning how to control your nerves, how to enjoy public speaking and how to perform without worry. He’ll learn you ways and methods to improve your public speeches, as well as for big audiences as small audiences. During the public speaking training of Herman Otten you learn the skills needed to be a great public speaker.

Who is Herman Otten?

The public speaking workshop is given by Herman Otten. Herman graduated as an actor at the Utrecht school of arts. After that Herman proceeded to direct and act on Dutch television. Now Herman is widely known for helping people from every walk of life to get over their public speaking anxiety. Currently Herman has even more than 10 years of experience under his belt as a coach and teacher. To date Herman teaches public speaking workshops all throughout the Netherlands and in NYC! Read more about Herman here.

Public Speaking - Open Apply Class
Public speaking class

What does a day of a public speaking workshop in New York look like

The public speaking workshop takes 1 day from 11 AM until 6 PM. During the day we’ll have two coffee breaks of 10 minutes and a longer break of one hour in which we can eat lunch together somewhere near the Magnet Theater Training Center.

Does everyone get the attention they need?

We will work in a small group with a maximum of 6 people, as a result will every person get the attention they need. This also ensures that everyone gets enough personal attention and gets rid of their public speaking anxiety.

Where do we meet?

March 31 '19
Public speaking training

In the heart of Manhattan, New York City in the Magnet Theater and Training Center.

Magnet Theater Training Center
22 West 32nd St, 10th floor
New York City, NY 10001
United States of America.


Your investment for the the Public Speaking Class is 297 USD. This includes a one day training, lunch, water and cookies.